Although bullying in the health care industry is widely recognized and is the subject of extensive research, solutions to this growing issue are still lacking. This shortcoming has motivated Dr. Browning to write If You Listen to Me, which is the first in a series of books intended to provide solutions to common workplace issues, as well as education. Book two, currently in progress, will focus on nurse leadership, as this is where eliminating nurse bullying must begin. Additional books will focus on specific nurse occupations, such as RN, LPN, and others.

If You Listen to Me is primarily intended for leaders in the health care field. However, the book will benefit readers of all backgrounds, as it will help them understand the motivation behind bullying and its effect on victims. In addition, the evidence-based strategies and tools provided within this book can be adapted to improve any workplace environment.

As leaders learn to provide a culture of civility, they will pass that knowledge to others while modeling the desired behaviors, thus creating a better work environment.

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